Demand Your Leaders Explain: Where’s The Beef?

Aren’t you tired of hearing individuals in positions of leadership, over – promise, and under – deliver, often articulating generalities, and rhetoric, blaming and complaining, but very rarely, proposing a viable solution, proposal and/ or plan? Do you remember when the hamburger chain, Wendy’s, ran a series of commercials, with an old lady, proclaiming, Where’s the beef? While that advertising campaign referred to actual beef/ meat, the concept might relate, figuratively, to a necessity of meaningful leadership, which should consistently be, a thorough examination of relevant issues, and avoiding the easier path of empty rhetoric, promises, and blaming/ complaining, while proceeding in a well – considered manner, to examine and implement what’s needed, and explain, yourself, in an effective manner, so others understand the BEEF of the issue! With this in mind, this article will briefly examine, using the mnemonic approach, why this is, so, very important, to becoming a true leader.

1. Bring; benefits; bolster; better: You can’t merely talk about ir, but rather, bring your best efforts, consistently! Always focus on whether your plans and actions, might deliver the level of benefits, your group deserves! How will you bolster and enhance your organization, and the constituents, you serve and represent? Will you simply, settle for good – enough, or strive for better?

2. Empathy; emphasis: A meaningful leader recognizes, and understands, leading must never be about his personal agenda, and self – interest, but rather, having the ability, willingness, and focus, to effectively listen, and learn, the priorities, needs, concerns and perceptions, of those he serves, with genuine empathy! Will your emphasis be focused, and directed, on relevant service, and creating, developing and implementing, quality strategies, and proceeding with an action plan, which achieves meaningful objectives?

3. Excellence; empower; endear: When someone in a leadership position, demands his highest level of personal excellence, rather than settling for rhetoric and good – enough, he is on his way, to be a true leader! When one’s constituents point to their leader, as an example, to set, he empowers them, to have a reason, to care more, and get more deeply involved! One must endear himself, not by empty promises and/ or rhetoric, but rather, by recognizing and understanding the challenges, and developing viable solutions!

4. Fulfilling; faithful; fruition; face facts: Fulfilling meaningful, relevant solutions, while maintaining faithful service, enhances the ability to bring a great set of ideas, to fruition! One must avoid the tendency, of being, in denial, but, rather, must consistently face the facts, honestly and totally!

How will you explain to others, where’s the BEEF? Are you ready, willing and able, to do, all that’s required?