Demand Your Leaders Explain: Where’s The Beef?

Aren’t you tired of hearing individuals in positions of leadership, over – promise, and under – deliver, often articulating generalities, and rhetoric, blaming and complaining, but very rarely, proposing a viable solution, proposal and/ or plan? Do you remember when the hamburger chain, Wendy’s, ran a series of commercials, with an old lady, proclaiming, Where’s the beef? While that advertising campaign referred to actual beef/ meat, the concept might relate, figuratively, to a necessity of meaningful leadership, which should consistently be, a thorough examination of relevant issues, and avoiding the easier path of empty rhetoric, promises, and blaming/ complaining, while proceeding in a well – considered manner, to examine and implement what’s needed, and explain, yourself, in an effective manner, so others understand the BEEF of the issue! With this in mind, this article will briefly examine, using the mnemonic approach, why this is, so, very important, to becoming a true leader.

1. Bring; benefits; bolster; better: You can’t merely talk about ir, but rather, bring your best efforts, consistently! Always focus on whether your plans and actions, might deliver the level of benefits, your group deserves! How will you bolster and enhance your organization, and the constituents, you serve and represent? Will you simply, settle for good – enough, or strive for better?

2. Empathy; emphasis: A meaningful leader recognizes, and understands, leading must never be about his personal agenda, and self – interest, but rather, having the ability, willingness, and focus, to effectively listen, and learn, the priorities, needs, concerns and perceptions, of those he serves, with genuine empathy! Will your emphasis be focused, and directed, on relevant service, and creating, developing and implementing, quality strategies, and proceeding with an action plan, which achieves meaningful objectives?

3. Excellence; empower; endear: When someone in a leadership position, demands his highest level of personal excellence, rather than settling for rhetoric and good – enough, he is on his way, to be a true leader! When one’s constituents point to their leader, as an example, to set, he empowers them, to have a reason, to care more, and get more deeply involved! One must endear himself, not by empty promises and/ or rhetoric, but rather, by recognizing and understanding the challenges, and developing viable solutions!

4. Fulfilling; faithful; fruition; face facts: Fulfilling meaningful, relevant solutions, while maintaining faithful service, enhances the ability to bring a great set of ideas, to fruition! One must avoid the tendency, of being, in denial, but, rather, must consistently face the facts, honestly and totally!

How will you explain to others, where’s the BEEF? Are you ready, willing and able, to do, all that’s required?

The Importance of Physician Leadership

The goal of many healthcare providers is the Triple Aim-better care at a lower cost with a focus on a positive patient experience. Providers with these goals need strong physician leaders to help them reach the goals. More provider organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of physician leadership to be successful.

The American Medical Association states in its whitepaper Integrated Leadership for Hospitals and Health Systems: Principals for Success that healthcare administrators must work with physician leaders to reach their goals. A relationship based upon mutual trust between physicians, clinical staff and administrators is vital to deliver care that focuses on the patient. To quote the article: “It is possible that integrated leadership would benefit patients by focusing on developing new channels for patient engagement, and delivering care in a manner that eliminates overuse, underuse and misuse of resources while increasing physician professional satisfaction, building trust relationships and financial stability for both physicians and hospitals.”

It is a principal of lean healthcare and lean manufacturing that the best measurable outcomes occur when those closest to the patients or clients provide input into the process of care or manufacturing. It is sensible, then, that physicians, who along with other clinical staff are closest to patients, can provide significant insights into the best processes to deliver care that is effective while preventing waste and duplication, thus saving costs. Integrating physicians into leadership positions ensures that such insights are incorporated into care processes.

Recently I was discussing physician leadership with my own primary care physician, Dr. Daniel Harro of Mercy Health Physicians Partners. He said that it has been important to him and his fellow physicians that they are represented by Dr. David Blair as president and chief medical officer of Mercy Health Physician Partners. They find it important that he still meets patients weekly. Dr. Blair has helped this group navigate from being a group of independent physicians to a partnership with Trinity Health of Livonia, Michigan. He has also guided the primary care physicians into becoming accredited as patient-centered medical homes with many of the offices achieving level 3 designation.

In December, 2016, the Harvard Business Review in an article titled Why the Best Hospitals Are Managed by Doctors noted that the best quality hospitals are led by physicians. According to U.S. News and World Report the best hospital is Mayo Clinic. It is run by highly skilled physician John Noseworthy. The second highest ranking hospital, Cleveland Clinic, is run by physician Delos “Toby” Cosgrove. The article states further that of the top 100 hospitals in the U.S. the ones that are led by physicians have a 25% higher quality score than those that are not.

The Medical Group Management Association emphasizes the importance of physician leadership too. In a survey of its members it found that about 60% of those responding stated that they use a dyad management style at their sites. The leaders are a practice manager and a physician. Because each share responsibility for the success of the group, it is extremely important that the two integrate effectively to provide leadership and direction to the sites, most of which are ambulatory. MGMA suggests that the two leaders first consider how their leadership styles complement each other and where they might conflict. In doing so, they should strive to present a united front to staff. As Stephen Covey states in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People the two leaders should Think Win-Win when considering what direction to lead the staff of the practice. MGMA recommends that the two leaders focus on several skills in order to be successful:

· Have a vision and stick to it. As Stephen Covey says, Begin with the End in Mind

· View change as an opportunity. Change seems to be accelerating presently and leaders must be nimble in adapting to responding to changes thrust upon the practice and should also explore what changes can improve the outcomes for the practice.

· Understand risks. Leaders should be able to assess the risks facing the practice and should lead the practice in overcoming risks and profiting from the risks.

· Unify the staff. Be sure that each staff member understands the importance and responsibilities of their roles in the practice. The leaders should develop teamwork among the staff.

· See the practice as a business. In order to provide the best care at a lower price the leaders need to see that the practice is run as an efficient business. The healthcare business model is unique and complex.

Physicians as leaders must see the whole structure of the organization that provides the care. At an ambulatory site, for instance, the physician leader must see beyond the clinicians providing direct care to patients. They must also understand the processes of the front office-the receptionist and sign-in personnel-the billing and collection staff, the administrative leaders and other staff that are important in providing services that support the clinicians and the business structure of the organization. While understanding and being involved in the processes outside of clinical care, the physician leader also needs to assert that the physician staff be able to provide effective care to patients without interference from administration. That is, the physicians need to feel free to provide clinical care that is patient-centered and conforms to best medical practice using the unique skills of each physician. Physician leaders need to build trust among administrative leaders that the clinical staff is providing patient-centered care.

The pace of change in providing healthcare is challenging at the present time. In fact, there is a great deal of uncertainty about the structure of reimbursements and the business models that providers need to adopt. Because present risk seems to be high, it is very important that organizations partner effectively with physician leaders to face the day-to-day risks and to develop effective models to deliver care to patients. The importance of physician leadership is key to the success of providing effective care, to reaching the Triple Aim.

Long Term Care – Understanding Long Term Care Services

Long appellation affliction is the absolute affliction accustomed to a being who is adversity from a ache that keeps a being from alive life. Though a lot of humans accept that continued appellation affliction is for old association only, but it is aswell for ailing folk who can’t yield affliction of themselves.

The assorted casework aim at allowance humans with terminal situations accord with limitations that is acquired by their disability to advance a accustomed life. The casework include:

o Home care- they advice to do the domiciliary affairs and about yield affliction of the house. Can be accustomed by accompany ancestors or paid professionals. They aswell accommodate nursing care. Abbreviate appellation accomplished home affliction (provided by accomplished personnel) is covered by Medicare. It is alleged home bloom care. A aberration of this is the auberge affliction that is accustomed to humans who are terminally ill.

o Nursing Homes- for humans who accept bloom issues and charge to be watched and taken affliction of on a connected basis. Most of these humans cannot be taken affliction of by their families or communities. The nursing homes accommodate meals, amusing activities, accomplished nursing care, rehabilitaton, and abetment in circadian living. They can aswell accommodate affliction for humans for a abbreviate term

o Companion and alone care. They accommodate affliction for humans in a home setting. Most humans who do not wish to leave their home ambiance account from this. They accommodate 24-hour supervision, meals, abetment in bathing, dressing, eating, bloom affliction services, laundry, arcade and every domiciliary assignment that is necessary. They aswell accommodate amusing and recreational activities.

o Community Services: This account caters for not alone the humans who accept affliction but the affliction givers. Their casework cover developed day care, chief citizens centers, transportation, commons and assorted services. For association with ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, who still wish to abide active in their communities, these casework accommodate a safe ambiance for them to break during the day. They accommodate social, bloom and added abutment services. This enables the affliction givers to aswell accept time to bolt their breaths and be active to appear aback and abide to yield affliction of them.

It is actual important for one to adapt for any aftereffect in life. Check out altered allowance sites and get quotes on continued appellation care. It is acceptable to get the action now because you ability charge it at retirement.

Utilize Live-In Care Services

One may generally anticipate otherwise, but for the a lot of allotment it is all too accurate that one’s activity is a continued one, abounding with all sorts of ups and downs, and that crumbling into after years is no agnosticism a time to reflect on all one has done and try to do those added things they accept not been able in years prior. Well, it can be a difficult affair to handle, to get to one’s aureate years and acquisition they are not in appearance to in fact go out and accomplish or see aggregate it was they had consistently wanted. While this is accurate actual often, one accept to accept that just because they may be physically debilitated, it does not beggarly they accept to absent their optimism.

Believe it or not, there are advocate options accessible in agreement of how one is able to amusement their ailments and old age. For a acceptable amount of years, abounding humans anticipation that the alone way to go about adequate one’s activity or ambidextrous with their present ailments was to analysis into a affectionate of assisted active facility. However, the day of authoritative those costs are over, as one is now able to accept a lot of the affliction they are in charge of appropriate at home. It may complete crazy to anticipate that one can accept an anatomic or concrete therapist about on alarm for their own help, but this is absolutely what our age of accessibility has appear to, and those in their after ages should yield abounding advantage. After all, if one has formed their absolute life, they should not accept to accord with the issues of getting bedfast to a abode that they did not absorb years creating.

One should get to adore the luxuries and comforts of the home they accept created and not accept to feel uprooted by affective a division of their backing into a ability area they accept no control. There is artlessly no charge to do this any best because there are abundant added affordable options one can seek out appropriate from their own couch, and own kitchen, and own everything. You see, abounding doctors, nurses, and added medical professionals are accessible to accomplish abode to abode casework for the aged that are abundantly beneficial. If one is absorbed in acquirements added about these chambermaid affliction options, they charge alone to argue with their physician.

You see, the abstraction of chambermaid affliction may complete aberrant but it’s not. Anticipate about the times you accept accompany and ancestors over to visit. You can apparently anticipate of a lot of canicule if you just sat about talking with them. Well, brainstorm if you fabricated new relationships with individuals who would stop by and accommodate you bloom affliction services. This is absolutely what chambermaid affliction has to offer. It is absolutely the new way of accomplishing things, abating the aureate adumbration to one’s aureate years. No charge to be worried, try chambermaid affliction today to acquisition out if it’s appropriate for you.